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Can I bring my own gun?

Yes, it must be a .50Cal gun with no electronics and be able to chronograph within our specifications.



Can I bring my own MASK?

Yes, it has to be a paintball approved mask with no damage to the lens or straps and must be looked at by one of our trained employees to ensure that the mask is in good working order.



Can I bring my own PAINT?

No, we do not allow outside paint for quality control purposes.



What is the age limits?

We do not have age limits but, it is recommend to be at least 8 to play, anybody under 10 has to have an adult play with them. The Adult must be within 6 feet of play at all time on the field of play.



I forgot my waiver from my parent...can I please play?

Have your parent go to our online waivers form and we will get the waiver as soon as they hit Submit! You can not play without having a completed waiver on file for your specific event date.



 Do you play by any surrender rule?

20-foot surrender rule does exists. Within 20 feet, you should give opponent a warning to surrender. If opponent indicates an unwillingness to surrender, you may fire your marker at that opponent.



Does it hurt?

Yes. It does. The .50 Cal is a smaller paintball. With 60% less impact (5 joules) than traditional paintballs (13 joules). So...more than a rubber band and less than, say, a line drive. You WILL BE REQUIRED to use the safety equipment provided (this includes a mask, goggles). It is recommended that you wear something with long sleeves, and long legs. Remember, you MAY be in the woods - and it is full of bugs, poison ivy, etc. Wear what you would wear on a 2 mile nature hike! Some people wear gloves (like fingerless weight lifting gloves) to protect your hands (since your marker is exposed while shooting, you are more likely to be hit in the marker/hand). I would recommend some kind of a hat (keeps paintballs, leaves, dirt, ticks, and other beasties out of your hair).



Do we just all shoot at each other or what?

No - usually you have teams, and play a capture the flag kind of game. Your referee will help you decide what game to play based on your experience level and equipment.



Does the Paint Wash out?

Should - it is water based and will wash out (white clothing is a little difficult though) and the paint does not come out of dry clean only garments. We do have jumpsuit available for rent.. If you feel the need to leave the mess with us!



What clothes should I wear?

Well - wear ones you won't mind getting dirty. I would advise against anything white. You may also wish to dress in layers - like a tee shirt and a sweat shirt - this way, if you get too hot or cold, you will have options available. Running shoes are ok, but just remember that some kind of boot will protect your ankles and feet better (if you are comfortable hiking in the woods with tennis shoes, then you could wear them).



Should I bring a cup?

Yes or some sort of protection for sensitive areas.



If I wear glasses, will they fog up?

Most likely. We have an anti fog spray that we use on masks prior to putting it on and between rounds to keep your vision clear. When picking up the mask from the rental bin, you can get any which one you want - try to find one that is less scratched than the others. They are adjustable. Some fit better on people who have smaller heads. Some are better for people who wear glasses. There is a difference. Make sure you tell us how it fits.



What is a marker?

A marker is an air or CO2 powered gun which fires paintballs.



What is a hopper?

The tank which is located on top of a marker and uses gravity to load paintballs into the chamber.



What is a plug or barrel bag for a marker?

These are instruments which are used to ensure safety while not in paintball play areas and are either inserted or covering the end of the dangerous end of the marker's barrel.



What is a paintball?

A small geletin, paint filled ball which is placed inside of the hopper of a paintball maker and fired at opponents. It doesn't taste very good!



What are the markers like?

They are semi-automatic (fires each time you pull the trigger), gravity fed paint markers. They run off of a compressed CO2 cylinder (Carbon Dioxide) or compressed air. These cylinders can provide close to 1000 shots before they run out. The markers are configured to hold from 100 to 200 paintballs at a time. A normal person with an unmodified marker can shoot 2-3 paintballs per second. Most of these markers are capable of up to 300 paintballs a minute. The markers, with tank and paintballs, weighs between 4 and 5 pounds. It's the size of an Air Rifle ("BB marker").



What about Refreshments?

Due to the nature of this sport, there is NO ALCOHOL allowed. Indy Acres Paintball supplies refreshments at the rental office.



What about Bathrooms?

There are indoor facilities available in the rental office.



Is the parking close to the fields, or do we have to walk?

Parking is right next to where we play. You can go to your car between games it's that close. Parking is located on the west of the rental office.



Is Indy Acres Paintball far from downtown Indianapolis?

No, we are located about 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis on the southeast side of town just north of the Marion County fairgrounds. Directions are available here.



Can I watch before I decide to play?

Of course you can, but you will be required to wear goggles at all times in the staging and play areas.



Should I work on my "war face"?

This depends on how you play. A "war face" will help you fight the enemy (it's a psychological thing - like the grunts you use with martial arts that help you focus your chi...). A "war face" may also make all your co-workers have you locked up. You'll have to play this one by ear....


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